Custom Tile and Stone Installation, Lakeville, MN

tile and stone installtion, Lakeville, Prior Lake, Farmington, Minnesota
Giles Floor Covering has installed tile and stone both new home construction and remodeling projects with the finest quality workmanship. Projects include ceramic tile, slate, marble, stone, and quarry tile, for kitchens, baths, foyers, sunrooms, and patios. Most homes have been south of the Minnesota river including Lakeville, Farmington, and Prior Lake.

The hardest aspect of the project has to be choosing the tile itself. Fortunately, we have the craftsmanship to lay your tile, but we also have the background to help you create a truly custom design. Tile is one of the most artistic, and cost-effective wall and floor coverings. Tile is hard, strong, easy to clean, and fire resistant. The table below provides a brief introduction.

Tile Type Characteristics Application
Ceramic Most tile is glazed with color baked on during the firing process. Available in high-gloss, matte, and slip-resistant finishes. Commonly used for walls, countertops, back splashes, and floors. Floor tile may be used on walls, but wall tile may not be suitable for floors.
Porcelain Porcelain is a variation of ceramic tile. It is fired at higher temperatures and produces a finer, harder tile . Heavy traffic areas. floors indoors and outdoors.
Mosaic Made from different types of clay with color pigments added so the color goes all through the tile. Suitable for almost any surface because mosaic tiles resist moisture.
Quarry Tile Broad classification for any tile made out of a mixture of clays. They are usually red and left unglazed . Interior floors because they´re usually porous and irregular in shape. Surface may be sealed or not.
Natural Stone Slate, marble, granite, and limestone . High-end tile projects for floors, counters, and walls.
Glass Multicolored, and some are iridescent. Smooth or rough. May be hand painted. Useful indoors and out for back splashes, floors

Tile and stone continue to develop in reputation as a floor covering, with good cause.

  1. Tile has an expected handcrafted look that's robust and easy to care for.
  2. Patterns are limitless when using all of the possible combinations of size, texture and color.
  3. Tile does a fantastic job in high foot traffic areas, and it's especially suited to entry areas where dirt and water can enter a home or business.
  4. Hand painted tiles and colored grout extends your possibilities even further.
  5. Various geometric layouts and numerous trim tiles combinations can make your design options practically limitless.

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